“When we decided to build a pool, we had an idea of what we wanted but not the specifics of how to accomplish it. Pacific Pools helped us come up with a design that would be the most fun and practical for the needs of our family. We couldn’t be happier with the final result. The quality and look are what we wanted, and today now our pool and spa get used constantly. We recommend Pacific Pools to all our friends.”
- Summer Wahlberg, Goleta, CA

“I have built several high-end homes over the years and have worked with lots of different contractors. I want everyone to know how great the Pacific Pools team is. Clay has done a great job pulling such a good group of guys together and we’re thrilled to have them working on our pool construction project. Seriously, we will be telling everyone I know how good their group is. It’s pretty rare to find an entire crew as reliable, helpful, and courteous as they are.” - Kevin Cravens, Santa Barbara, CA


“Our family and property were one of the many affected by the Thomas fires and subsequent mudslides. Our property was severely damaged and buried in several feet of mud. Pacific Pools immediately mobilized crews to get our property cleared of mud and debris. Then, they worked with our contractor, engineers, and insurance company to assess our needs and come up with a plan to rebuild. The quality of work was far better than what was previously there. It’s so beautiful, you’d never know what had happened. We’re so thankful to have worked with Pacific Pools and to continue to enjoy their care for our property. Thank you and well done!”
- Pam Keller, Montecito, CA

“Thank you so much for recommending the Reverse Osmosis treatment. We couldn’t be happier with it. We noticed the difference in the water immediately. The water felt so soft, it was like silk.”
- Sue V. Santa Barbara, California




“We have used Pacific Pools on dozens of jobs over the years and are always impressed with their responsiveness and their ability to help and communicate with our staff and homeowners. The quality of their work is superior in both materials and workmanship. They also offer services in-house that cannot be found with other pool companies. They make project management and execution processes as simple as possible. We highly recommend their construction and service teams.”
- Cheyne Knight, CEO, QwikResponse

“I highly value the professionalism of Clay and his team at Pacific Pools and I trust them interfacing with my discerning clients. They are creative, excellent with communication and most importantly they follow through with commitments.”
- Ryan Milhon, President, Montecito Construction


“When we are managing multiple projects, it’s essential that anyone on our jobs perform their scope of work consistently and with attention to detail. That includes job sequencing, respect for site rules, respect for other companies on the project, and being conscientious of the homeowner. Pacific Pools hits it out of the park on all accounts. We have had great success with their construction team in beautifying properties and leaving our customers happy and smiling.”
- Wyatt Talley, Owner, Complete Landscape Development




“We love working on Pacific Pools projects. They’re organized, communicate well and care about attention to detail and quality. Their crew is always happy. On every project, they know what’s going on, and give us what we need to move quickly. We never worry that something will be overlooked or corners cut. We have a lot of admiration for what Pacific Pools does and how they go about doing it.”
- Ed Arko, Arko Steel Inc.,


“Pacific Pools is a company marked by its care during the construction processes, service and getting things done right. It isn’t what they accomplish, but how they get it done that I appreciate. Happy crews, office, management staff, and customers. Working with them, you always feel that you’re a part of a collective team working together to do good and enjoy the process along the way.”
- Jason Oliver, Zodiac/Jandy Sales Rep

“If Pacific Pools is on the job, I never have to worry. They follow equipment installations and the manufacturer’s installation specs perfectly. Their repair and warranty technicians are patient, diligent and honest. This is a company that does things right from top to bottom.”
- Bill Houghton, Jandy Warranty Manager